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Located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Greensborough is a rapidly growing suburb with an interesting history. Before British colonisation, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation were the traditional owners of this land. The name "Greensborough" was given in the 1850s after the arrival of Europeans, and it has since become one of the prominent areas in Victoria. Here is a look at the local history of Greensborough. Settlement of the Area In 1835, John Batman sailed up the Yarra River and was the European explorer to reach the area that is now Greensborough. Batman and his party were searching for grasslands that could support sheep and cattle, and they saw these in the Moonee Ponds area. They sailed to the Plenty River, which separates Greensborough from Thomastown, but found no grasslands, threatening the party's survival. The first settlers in Greensborough were Irish brothers Edward and William Green, who arrived in 1839. They were later joined by other European settlers who established farms and orchards. Gold Rush In the 1850s, when the Victorian gold rush began, Greensborough became a staging point for those heading to rush sites in what is now Victoria's goldfields. During this time, Greensborough grew, and new businesses were established, including stores, shoemakers, blacksmiths, and hotels. The gold rush also changed Greensborough's character, and a few small mining operations began in the surrounding area. One in particular was the Diamond Creek Gold & Mining Company, which was established in the early 1860s. The Company employed a large portion of the town's population, but it was short-lived and was abandoned by 1880. Development of Transport During the 1870s, Greensborough's transport systems developed, with the opening of the Hurstbridge railway line in 1912. The line provided a direct link between the suburb and the city of Melbourne, and it brought new people to Greensborough from the inner city. This boosted the development of Greensborough's residential housing, and it welcomed a new wave of development. During the 1920s and 1930s, the development of transport infrastructure continued with the opening of a bus service that ran between Greensborough and Hurstbridge. Education Hurstbridge High School was the first regional high school to be established in Victoria. Groundbreaking took place in 1956, and construction was completed in 1957. The school opened in 1958, and it continues to provide education to students to this day. One of the most significant changes in education in Greensborough occurred in the 1960s when the government implemented the "Comprehensive High School" system. The system was designed to provide secondary school education to all students, regardless of academic ability or family background. Montmorency High School was one of the first schools to adopt this system in Victoria, and Greensborough High School followed. Today, Greensborough is a thriving suburb with a diverse range of residents. The suburb is known for its beautiful parks and gardens, excellent transport links, and great educational facilities. As the suburb grows, it is likely that Greensborough's rich history will play a significant role in shaping its future.

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